2019 Productions

Our 2019 Fall Production

Congrats to the Cast of Anne of Green Gables!

Anne Shirley- Sarah Damen
Diana Barry- Felicity Sibold
Josie Pye- Ava Van Oostveen
Prissy Andrews- Charlie Hensel
Gertie Pye- Lauren Neilson
Ruby Gillis- Jessica Alles
Gilbert Blythe- Aidan Benton
Tommy Sloane- Sophia Buhay
Charlie Sloane- Andrew Davis
Gerry Buote- Keisha Moore
Tillie- Natalie Ditty

Children’s Chorus: Aubrey Brant, Alana Fortin,
Avery Hinds, Shakira Murray

Marrilla Cuthbert- Jess Damen
Matthew Cuthbert- Rob McEwen
Miss Stacy- Kate Beath
Mrs. Barry- Lynn Scott
Mrs. Blewett- Alison Robinson
Mrs. Lynde- Jenn Zutt
Mrs. MacPherson-
Orianna Brodbeck
Mrs. Pye-
Kayla Droog
Mrs. Sloane-
Melissa Hinds
Mrs. Spencer-
Val Hewitt
Susan McEwen
Station Master-
Brian Moore
Tony Benton
Gary Horst
Mr. Phillips-
Jacob Hundt
Michael Smyth

Adult Chorus- Joanna Kipfer, Amelia Phillips,
Bob Roth, Victoria Roth, Cara Van Massenhoven

Join us November 15-23 at City Hall Auditorium
for this wonderful Canadian musical.

Director & Choreographer: Michelle Cutts
Music Director: Susan McEwen
Producer: Chris Leberg and Jennifer Mountain
Stage Manager: Jenn Cooper

Book and Music by Norman Campbell and Donald Harron
Based on the book by Lucy Maude Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables is presented through special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.